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Clove 12 Restobar is a new and innovative Indian Restaurant. Clove 12's unique name comes from the versatile spice that is in every one of our dishes. Additionally, we feature 12 monthly-rotating, global menus that are handcrafted by 17-year-old Chef Arnav. Drawing inspiration from across the globe, these fusion menus marry the best flavors from all cuisines to provide a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.

Special Experience

Tasting Menus

We now feature a new unique dining experience in the form of fusion tasting menus. These dinners are 6 course meals that are handpicked by Chef Arnav for your tastes. With a diverse fare from all cuisines, these pop ups are a one in a lifetime fine dining experience. These dishes are unique to the experience and are not available on our standard menu. Tasting menus are offered every weekend, book now by texting (609)-558-4568 for more info, or sending @chefarnav on Instagram a DM.





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42 Marconi Ave, Iselin NJ 08830
+1 (732) 902-0059 | info@clove12.com


Tue to Thu : 12-10Pm

Fri & Sat : 12-11pm

Sun : 12-10Pm

Mon : Closed